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E118 - Shivy Galtere - Love Loss Light

Shavinder Galtere, commonly known to her friends and family as Shivy, is a Celebrity and VIP Relations Consultant to fashion and lifestyle brands. After the passing of her mother Davinder Kumaran, less than a year ago, Shivy started @lovelosslight, an Instagram account with the slogan 'let's try to understand, help + heal', with the purpose of helping others navigate through their process of grief.


In this episode we talk about the value of hard work, her love of fashion, her last time seeing her mom, the day her mom died, getting to the funeral in India, the funeral, her instagram account, and grief dreams of her mom (before and after the loss).


The Sat Nam prayer that was song at the funeral–


E117 - A Mother’s Day Episode with Darwyn and Shelby

This is a special Mother’s Day episode where Dr. Joshua Black interviews Darwyn Dave and Shelby Forsythia. In this episode we talk about our moms, the experience of facing this day when your mom is dead, and tips for those grieving on Mother’s Day.


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E116 - Brent and Tina Birkhoff - Heart Strings

Brent Birkhoff recently received his Master of Science from Marian University in Thanatology, and is Certified in Thanatology from the Association of Death Education and Counseling. He and his wife, Tina, recently started Heart Strings by Legacy Leaders, which is dedicated to ensuring that all individuals have their story told before death.


In this episode we talk about the 2019 International Death, Grief and Bereavement conference, starting Heart Stings, reflecting on legacy, their multiple losses, and Tina’s grief dream of her grandmother.


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E115 - Medea Chechik - The Garden

Medea Bavarella Chechik is the Best Selling Author of “Facing Grief With Eyes Wide Open,” a Transformative Teacher, Transformational Facilitator and Leader, and a Master Coach. Medea is the Founder and Host of WeEvolve TV™, an online talk show, where she has interviewed many Luminaries in the field of Human Consciousness.


In this episode we talk about her search for meaning, transforming her life after the death of her son, writing poetry and her book, and a grief dream of her son.


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E114 - Judy Hinderer - A Series of Grief Dreams

Judy Hinderer is a wife and working mother. She has been fascinated and studied dreams for as long as she can remember. The dreams with her deceased father have been integral in her life and they came to her at very specific times. Even though she never had the chance to meet her father before he died, her dreams of him has connected them.


In this episode we talk about the death of her father, growing up without him, receiving his guitar, and a series of 5 grief dreams she had.

Episode 113 - Jacqui Pagobo - The A+ Student

Jacqui Pagobo has suffered great heartbreak over the years after her brother, John Joseph “JJ” Pagobo, unexpectedly passed away from a longboarding accident and medical malpractice. This April will be his 10 year death anniversary, which she will be honouring him with a memorial event. She hopes that her story can inspire others.


In this episode we talk about her brother and his death, grieving while in school, the memorial event, and grief dreams of her brother.

Episode 112 - Taz Ahmed - #GoodMuslimBadMuslim

Tanzila "Taz" Ahmed is an activist, storyteller, and politico based in Los Angeles. She currently is a Campaign Strategist at the Asian American new media organizing group 18MillionRising. She is cohost of The #GoodMuslimBadMuslim Podcast that has been featured in Oprah Magazine, Wired, and Buzzfeed as well as live shows recorded at South by Southwest and the White House. 


In this episode we talk about being an activist for change, her podcast, ghosts, dreams, the death of her mother, and grief dreams of her mother.


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Tickets to her LIVE Podcast on April 13, 2019 in Toronto, Ontario can be found here:

Episode 111 - Monica Meade - Forgiveness After Loss

Monica Meade is currently working in private practice as a clinical therapist with Whole Balance Health, specializing in Grief, and Trauma therapy utilizing EMDR (Eye Movement, Desensitization, and Reprocessing), in Colorado Springs, CO. Monica’s pursuit of becoming a grief counselor was born out of necessity. After the death of two immediate family members, she struggled to find hope for herself in the healing process. She has made it her goal to reach out to others during their grief journey to bring love and light to the healing process. 


In this episode we talk about EMDR, the death of her daughter and niece, forgiveness, and grief dreams of her daughter and niece.


You can find more about Monica's private practice on Psychology Today. Additionally, here is a link to Monica's forgiveness speech

Episode 110 - Update with Jade Black

In this episode we talk about where she has been the last 4 months, the new podcast logo, reflections on reaching over 100 episodes, and new events we are hosting.



Episode 109 - Rebecca MacDonald - Craft Love Craft Life

Rebecca MacDonald is a self-taught memorial jewelry artist working and living in Ontario with her husband and dog. Since immigrating to Canada 10 years ago, Rebecca has experienced loss many times as she moved throughout the country. Her Grandpa has been a huge inspiration in her life and dealing with his passing from the other side of the Atlantic ocean has been one of her biggest struggles so far. By fostering connections with animals, she has also been able to connect with others. Through her work, she is learning how to manage her grief while helping others with their loss through her jewelry making.


In this episode we talk about her immigration from Ireland, her love of pets, starting her business making memorial jewelry, the death of her dog and grandpa, and a grief dream of her grandpa.


Rebecca’s work can be found on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook @petmemorialjewelry or on

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